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Arctic Spas Hot Tub Gazebos

Arctic Spas ® hot tub gazebos are made from clear Canadian Western Red Cedar selected for its beauty and longevity.  These handcrafted, easy to assemble and durable gazebos will complement not only our world class hot tubs but your entire backyard.  We manufacture many different gazebo kits having a variety of roof pitches and screen panel designs and sizes.  Adding a gazebo allows you to enjoy your hot tub in all weather conditions and provides your spa with enhanced protection from the elements. If you want to completely avoid the elements you could opt for an indoor hot tub, but most people enjoy the outdoor experience much more.

Fiberglass-reinforced privacy screen panels allow humidity to escape, yet block chilling winds. Enamel steel roofs in three colours (forest green, brick red or charcoal grey) shed sun, rain and snow.

Arctic Spas gazebos feature easy assembly, sturdy construction, and lasting beauty. They are made with 100% clear Canadian Western Red Cedar (clear = no knots - the best cedar in the world) and enameled steel roofing. We have designed this gazebo line up to enhance your spa experience and we are proud to present our Arctic Gazebo Series. Our gazebos are easy to assemble and can be purchased as a kit or with full on site construction. Each Gazebo features 4 x 4 posts, 2 x 4 top rails, 2 x 2 spindles, 2 x 4 roof framing and enamel steel roof to provide you and your spa with additional protection from nature’s elements as well as a look that promises enjoyment and relaxation.

A note on Gazebo terminology


“Roofline” refers to the dimensions of the roof at its widest point. Because the overhang on each side is normally four inches per side, the roof is designed to be larger than the gazebo. It is important to keep this in mind when planning the installation and location of the gazebo.


“Height” refers to the height of the roof at its peak, exclusive of any base or platform on which the gazebo may be placed. Although the gazebo is normally placed on the same base as the spa, it is important to note especially when considering blocked sight lines, adjacent trees or the obstruction of a neighbor’s view.
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