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The Original All Weather Pool By Arctic Spas

Swim all year, hot tub all year, entertain the kids all year, and save A LOT of money compared to buying a traditional swimming pool.

And on top of all that, it is easy to install; no digging, no contractors, no special equipment. It simply cranes into place and its ready to fill with water. And because its an Arctic Spa, it is extremely efficient to run; you may not even notice an increase in your electrical bill, in most cases it costs under $2.00 per day to operate. The core design is virtually identical to our world famous hot tubs, which delivers extreme energy efficiency, low maintenance, and advanced control technology.

Work out, relax, or splash around: these pools are perfect for large groups or a solitary soak. They are also referred to as swim spas, but these are in a league of their own, deserving of a distinct name: we call them all weather pools.

Arctic Spas Swim Spa Range

Beauport Swim Spa

Arctic Spas Beauport Swim Spa

The Beauport represents an attractive opportunity for users seeking the year-round usability of an All Weather Pool without swim jets.

The Beauport, however, does not sacrifice fitness potential: it comes with the Tether Resistence Swim System, and as such is still a completely functional swim trainer with therapy seating for two.

Hudson Swim Spa

Arctic Spas Hudson Swim Spa

The Hudson offers an entry level resistance swim system in the form of the Monsoon Counter Current Swim System and two therapy seats.

The Monsoon System can be used in conjunction with the Tether Resistance Swim System to serve multiple levels of fitness in addition to climate-defying family fun.

Kingfisher Swim Spa

Arctic Spas Kingfisher Swim Spa

For the user in need of unobstructed space for fitness, the Kingfisher features the longest and widest swim zone with stairs only on the left-hand side for inconspicuous access.

As with any All Weather Pool with the Niagara Counter Current Swim System, it includes lighting to assist users’ alignment while swimming in turbulent conditions.

Juneau Swim Spa

Arctic Spas Juneau Swim Spa

The Juneau serves users seeking an exceptional swim current with the luxury of entry steps and two lounger seats.

The presence of the Niagara Counter Current Swim System in the Juneau ensures that stronger swimmers reap the fitness and luxury benefits of this All Weather Pool regardless of the season.

Wolverine Swim Spa

Arctic Spas Wolverine Swim Spa

The Wolverine is uncompromising in every way. With both a ful-length swim zone and two therapy seats, it is a perfect blend of performance and therapy.

Both the Niagara Counter Current Swim System and the maximum number of therapeutic jets possible solidify the Wolverine as the best All Weather Pool available.

Ocean Swim Spa

Arctic Spas Ocean Swim Spa

The Ocean includes maximum luxury in the form of more swim spa features than the other All Weather Pools.

The Ocean’s therapeutic potential is enriched by its customizability in the form of multiple available jet configurations.

Athabascan Swim Spa

Arctic Spas Athabascan Swim Spa

The Athabascan is the purest representation of the All Weather Pool. With the largest open water area in the All Weather Pool range, the Athabascan provides the maximum amount of room for relaxation and fun.

Movement in and out of the pool is facilitated by the simple moulded steps, and a slightly elevated area at the front of the tub gives little ones a break from deep-water activities. The Athabascan is the family backyard pool that is available year round - always the perfect temperature and just steps from your home.

Okanagan Swim Spa

Arctic Spas Okanagan Swim Spa

Arctic Spas is known for two things - making the best cold weather spas on the planet, and having a good time wherever we are.

When we travel to a tropic location, a must-have is a swim up bar! Even better, leave the hassles of travel behind, and enjoy our newest All Weather Pool, the Okanagan.

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